pub trait TransactionalIter<A: AddressMode = SevenBitAddress> {
    type Error;

    fn exec_iter<'a, O>(
        &mut self,
        address: A,
        operations: O
    ) -> Result<(), Self::Error>
        O: IntoIterator<Item = Operation<'a>>
; }
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Transactional I2C interface (iterator version).

This allows combining operation within an I2C transaction.

Required Associated Types

Error type

Required Methods

Execute the provided operations on the I2C bus (iterator version).

Transaction contract:

  • Before executing the first operation an ST is sent automatically. This is followed by SAD+R/W as appropriate.

  • Data from adjacent operations of the same type are sent after each other without an SP or SR.

  • Between adjacent operations of a different type an SR and SAD+R/W is sent.

  • After executing the last operation an SP is sent automatically.

  • If the last operation is a Read the master does not send an acknowledge for the last byte.

  • ST = start condition

  • SAD+R/W = slave address followed by bit 1 to indicate reading or 0 to indicate writing

  • SR = repeated start condition

  • SP = stop condition