pub trait IoPin<TInput, TOutput> where
    TInput: InputPin + IoPin<TInput, TOutput>,
    TOutput: OutputPin + IoPin<TInput, TOutput>, 
{ type Error; fn into_input_pin(self) -> Result<TInput, Self::Error>; fn into_output_pin(self, state: PinState) -> Result<TOutput, Self::Error>; }
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Single pin that can switch from input to output mode, and vice-versa.

Example use (assumes the Error type is the same for the IoPin, InputPin, and OutputPin):

This trait is available if embedded-hal is built with the "unproven" feature.

Required Associated Types

Error type.

Required Methods

Tries to convert this pin to input mode.

If the pin is already in input mode, this method should succeed.

Tries to convert this pin to output mode with the given initial state.

If the pin is already in the requested state, this method should succeed.