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Common HAL (hardware abstraction layer) for ATmega* microcontrollers.

Note: This version of the documentation was built for ATmega328P. This means that only items which are available for this MCU are visible. If you are using a different chip, try building the documentation locally with:

cargo doc --features <your-mcu> --open


pub use adc::Adc;
pub use i2c::I2c;
pub use spi::Spi;
pub use port::Pins;
pub use usart::Usart;
pub use wdt::Wdt;
pub use eeprom::Eeprom;


Analog-to-Digital Converter

Generic trait for clock speeds

Delay implementations

Reexport of atmega328p from avr-device ATmega328P Peripheral access API for ATMEGA328P microcontrollers (generated using svd2rust v0.28.0 ( ))

Prelude containing all HAL traits



All the peripherals.