[][src]Struct atmega_hal::simple_pwm::Timer2Pwm

pub struct Timer2Pwm { /* fields omitted */ }

Use TC2 for PWM (pins PB3, PD3)


let mut timer2 = Timer2Pwm::new(dp.TC2, Prescaler::Prescale64);

let mut d11 = pins.d11.into_output().into_pwm(&mut timer2);
let mut d3 = pins.d3.into_output().into_pwm(&mut timer2);



impl Timer2Pwm[src]

pub fn new(timer: TC2, prescaler: Prescaler) -> Timer2Pwm[src]

Trait Implementations

impl PwmPinOps<Timer2Pwm> for PB3[src]

type Duty = u8

impl PwmPinOps<Timer2Pwm> for PD3[src]

type Duty = u8

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Timer2Pwm[src]

impl !Sync for Timer2Pwm[src]

impl Unpin for Timer2Pwm[src]

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