[][src]Struct avr_hal_generic::adc::Channel

pub struct Channel<H, ADC: AdcOps<H>> { /* fields omitted */ }

Representation of any ADC Channel.

Typically, distinct types are used per channel, like for example Pin<mode::Analog, PC0>. In some situations, however, a type is needed which can represent any channel. This is required to, for example, store multiple channels in an array.

Channel is such a type. It can be created by calling the into_channel() method of a distinct type:

let a0 = pins.a0.into_analog_input(&mut adc);
let a1 = pins.a1.into_analog_input(&mut adc);

let channels: [atmega_hal::adc::Channel; 2] = [

for ch in channels.iter() {


impl<H, ADC: AdcOps<H>> Channel<H, ADC>[src]

pub fn new<CH: AdcChannel<H, ADC>>(ch: CH) -> Self[src]

Trait Implementations

impl<H, ADC: AdcOps<H>> AdcChannel<H, ADC> for Channel<H, ADC>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<H, ADC> Send for Channel<H, ADC> where
    H: Send,
    <ADC as AdcOps<H>>::Channel: Send

impl<H, ADC> Sync for Channel<H, ADC> where
    H: Sync,
    <ADC as AdcOps<H>>::Channel: Sync

impl<H, ADC> Unpin for Channel<H, ADC> where
    H: Unpin,
    <ADC as AdcOps<H>>::Channel: Unpin

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