Module avr_hal_generic::clock

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Core clock speed management

AVR microcontrollers support different core clock speeds. Peripheral drivers need to know about this speed to calculate timing parameters. To make this as efficient as possible, the clock speed is tracked as a compile-time constant. This means peripheral drivers can do compile-time calculation of timing parameters.

§How To Use

If you are using arduino-hal, there is nothing you need to do - the core clock speed is defined in arduino-hal as arduino_hal::DefaultClock and the const-generic parameters of all peripheral drivers are preset to this value.

If you are using a MCU HAL like atmega-hal or attiny-hal, you need to take care of clock speed management manually. The best way to do this is as follows:

  • Define a “constant” for your core clock speed in the crate root:
    type CoreClock = atmega_hal::clock::MHz16;
  • Define aliases for peripheral driver types based on this clock:
    type Adc = atmega_hal::adc::Adc<crate::CoreClock>;
    type I2c = atmega_hal::i2c::I2c<crate::CoreClock>;