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Prelude containing all HAL traits


Input capture

Pulse Width Modulation

A single PWM channel / pin

Quadrature encoder interface

ADCs that sample on single channels per request, and do so at the time of the request.

Write half of a serial interface (blocking variant)

Single digital input pin

Single digital push-pull output pin

Output pin that can be toggled

Read half of a serial interface

Write half of a serial interface

Full duplex (master mode)

Feeds an existing watchdog to ensure the processor isn’t reset. Sometimes commonly referred to as “kicking” or “refreshing”.

Disables a running watchdog timer so the processor won’t be reset.

Enables A watchdog timer to reset the processor if software is frozen or stalled.

A collection of methods that are required / used to format a message into a stream.

Extensions to Result<Void, E>

Extensions to Result<T, Void>