[][src]Struct avr_hal_generic::usart::Baudrate

pub struct Baudrate<CLOCK> {
    pub ubrr: u16,
    pub u2x: bool,
    pub _clock: PhantomData<CLOCK>,

Representation of a USART baudrate

Precalculated parameters for configuring a certain USART baudrate.


ubrr: u16

Value of the UBRR# register

u2x: bool

Value of the U2X# bit

_clock: PhantomData<CLOCK>

The baudrate calculation depends on the configured clock rate, thus a CLOCK generic parameter is needed.


impl<CLOCK: Clock> Baudrate<CLOCK>[src]

pub fn new(baud: u32) -> Baudrate<CLOCK>[src]

Calculate parameters for a certain baudrate at a certain CLOCK speed.

pub fn with_exact(u2x: bool, ubrr: u16) -> Baudrate<CLOCK>[src]

Construct a Baudrate from given UBRR# and U2X# values.

This provides exact control over the resulting clock speed.

Trait Implementations

impl<CLOCK: Clone> Clone for Baudrate<CLOCK>[src]

impl<CLOCK: Copy> Copy for Baudrate<CLOCK>[src]

impl<CLOCK: Debug> Debug for Baudrate<CLOCK>[src]

impl<CLOCK: Clock> Eq for Baudrate<CLOCK>[src]

impl<CLOCK: Clock> From<u32> for Baudrate<CLOCK>[src]

impl<CLOCK: Clock> Ord for Baudrate<CLOCK>[src]

impl<CLOCK: Clock> PartialEq<Baudrate<CLOCK>> for Baudrate<CLOCK>[src]

impl<CLOCK: Clock> PartialOrd<Baudrate<CLOCK>> for Baudrate<CLOCK>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<CLOCK> Send for Baudrate<CLOCK> where
    CLOCK: Send

impl<CLOCK> Sync for Baudrate<CLOCK> where
    CLOCK: Sync

impl<CLOCK> Unpin for Baudrate<CLOCK> where
    CLOCK: Unpin

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