[][src]Struct atmega_hal::port::PB2

pub struct PB2 { /* fields omitted */ }

Trait Implementations

impl PinOps for PB2[src]

type Dynamic = Dynamic

impl PwmPinOps<Timer1Pwm> for PB2[src]

type Duty = u8

impl SpiOps<Atmega, PB5, PB3, PB4, PB2> for SPI[src]

pub fn raw_setup(&mut self, settings: &Settings)[src]

Sets up the control/status registers with the right settings for this secondary device

pub fn raw_release(&mut self)[src]

Disable the peripheral

pub fn raw_check_iflag(&self) -> bool[src]

Check the interrupt flag to see if the write has completed

pub fn raw_read(&self) -> u8[src]

Read a byte from the data register

pub fn raw_write(&mut self, byte: u8)[src]

Write a byte to the data register, which begins transmission automatically.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for PB2[src]

impl Sync for PB2[src]

impl Unpin for PB2[src]

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