[][src]Trait avr_hal_generic::prelude::_embedded_hal_blocking_delay_DelayUs

pub trait _embedded_hal_blocking_delay_DelayUs<UXX> {
    pub fn delay_us(&mut self, us: UXX);

Microsecond delay

UXX denotes the range type of the delay time. UXX can be u8, u16, etc. A single type can implement this trait for different types of UXX.

Required methods

pub fn delay_us(&mut self, us: UXX)[src]

Pauses execution for us microseconds

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impl DelayUs<u16> for Delay<MHz1>[src]

impl DelayUs<u16> for Delay<MHz8>[src]

impl DelayUs<u16> for Delay<MHz12>[src]

impl DelayUs<u16> for Delay<MHz16>[src]

impl DelayUs<u16> for Delay<MHz20>[src]

impl DelayUs<u16> for Delay<MHz24>[src]

impl<SPEED> DelayUs<u8> for Delay<SPEED> where
    Delay<SPEED>: DelayUs<u16>, 

impl<SPEED> DelayUs<u32> for Delay<SPEED> where
    Delay<SPEED>: DelayUs<u16>, 

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