[][src]Trait avr_hal_generic::prelude::_embedded_hal_blocking_rng_Read

pub trait _embedded_hal_blocking_rng_Read {
    type Error;
    pub fn read(&mut self, buffer: &mut [u8]) -> Result<(), Self::Error>;

Blocking read

This trait is available if embedded-hal is built with the "unproven" feature.

Associated Types

type Error[src]

Error type

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Required methods

pub fn read(&mut self, buffer: &mut [u8]) -> Result<(), Self::Error>[src]

Reads enough bytes from hardware random number generator to fill buffer

If any error is encountered then this function immediately returns. The contents of buf are unspecified in this case.

If this function returns an error, it is unspecified how many bytes it has read, but it will never read more than would be necessary to completely fill the buffer.

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