[][src]Trait avr_hal_generic::prelude::_embedded_hal_blocking_i2c_WriteRead

pub trait _embedded_hal_blocking_i2c_WriteRead<A = u8> where
    A: AddressMode
{ type Error; pub fn write_read(
        &mut self,
        address: A,
        bytes: &[u8],
        buffer: &mut [u8]
    ) -> Result<(), Self::Error>; }

Blocking write + read

Associated Types

type Error[src]

Error type

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Required methods

pub fn write_read(
    &mut self,
    address: A,
    bytes: &[u8],
    buffer: &mut [u8]
) -> Result<(), Self::Error>

Writes bytes to slave with address address and then reads enough bytes to fill buffer in a single transaction

I2C Events (contract)

Master: ST SAD+W     O0     O1     ... OM     SR SAD+R        MAK    MAK ...    NMAK SP
Slave:           SAK    SAK    SAK ...    SAK          SAK I0     I1     ... IN


  • ST = start condition
  • SAD+W = slave address followed by bit 0 to indicate writing
  • SAK = slave acknowledge
  • Oi = ith outgoing byte of data
  • SR = repeated start condition
  • SAD+R = slave address followed by bit 1 to indicate reading
  • Ii = ith incoming byte of data
  • MAK = master acknowledge
  • NMAK = master no acknowledge
  • SP = stop condition
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impl<H, I2C: I2cOps<H, SDA, SCL>, SDA, SCL, CLOCK> WriteRead<u8> for I2c<H, I2C, SDA, SCL, CLOCK>[src]

type Error = Error

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